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How to Talk With Your Professor

7 Office-Hour Conversation Starters*

Introduce Yourself

Faculty enjoy getting to know you. Why are you interested in the course? Have you previously studies the subject? What are you excited about learning in the course?

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Share A Struggle

Are you struggling with something? For example, class participation, a concept, or keeping up with readings? Ask for tips/resources to address your challenge.

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Ask for Best Practices

Ask what successful students have done to understand the material and excel. Focus on the learning. Do NOT ask how to get an A.

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Research Options

Are you looking for an internship or research in the field? Share your specific goals and interests. Your professor may have useful advice and will enjoy sharing his/her research.

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Is there a point in lecture or reading you disagree with? Are things different in other countries you've studied? POLITELY engage your professor in a debate. Do NOT argue.

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Confused about your grade or the requirements for an assignment? Unsure about the policies on citation or group work? Ask questions.

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Include Current Events

Is this topic in the news? Did you read relevant research? Discuss other examples to deepen your learning.

*Source: Berkeley International Office

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