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Multicultural Greek Council

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The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) at Texas Tech University is the governing body for all of the officially recognized multicultural fraternities and sororities on campus. MGC is home to 12 fraternities and sororities, and nine governing executive board members. Each of the organizations hold its values, community, cultural awareness, and community service in high regard. While each of the organizations were founded in various cultures, all of them are open to members of all backgrounds. 

MGC Organizations


 MGC Executive Board

MGC Exec 2024

Position Name Email
President Carolyn S. president.ttumgc@gmail.com
Executive Vice President Dana P. vp.ttumgc@gmail.com
Vice President of Finance  Lalith V. treasurer.ttumgc@gmail.com
Vice President of Administration  Amna M. secretary.ttumgc@gmail.com
Vice President of Fundraising  Dawit M. D. fundraisingchair.ttumgc@gmail.com
Vice President of Philanthropy and Service Antonio R. servicechair.ttumgc@gmail.com
Vice President of Programming Celine Y. socialchair.ttumgc@gmail.com
Vice President of Academic Success  Nitin K. academicchair.ttumgc@gmail.com
Vice President of Public Relations Bella R. historian.ttumgc@gmail.com

MGC Featured Programs

MGC Showcase

The MGC Showcase is an event open to the entire Texas Tech community. This event allows individuals to learn about the historic upbringing of these organizations and to gage their level of interest in membership.

The next MGC Showcase will be Wednesday, January 17, 2024, starting at 7 pm in the SUB Ballroom! 

How to Join:

The Texas Tech University's Multicultural Greek Council brings in new members to the community via recruitment commonly referred to as Membership Intake. Each chapter is responsible for their own recruitment schedule and events.

Each semester, chapters host recruitment events, community service opportunities, and tabling events, for potential members to get to know them. It is encouraged that interested students utilize those opportunities to engage with the current chapter members to discuss the specific processes for any organization they are interested in potentially joining.

All MGC organizations have national membership guidelines that they must follow. These guidelines include a minimum GPA requirement specific to each chapter and proof of enrollment as an undergraduate student at Texas Tech.

In addition to the national requirement, all potential members must attend an MGC 101 session. The spring 2024 MGC 101 dates are:

  • January 23rd
  • January 24th
  • January 30th
  • February 7th
  • February 15th
  • All are from 6-7 PM in the SUB Escondido Theatre

Want more information? Fill out the MGC Interest Form HERE


Questions about the council?

For any questions about the Multicultural Greek Council please send an email to ttumgc@gmail.com