Texas Tech University

Headquarters Partners

The partnership between the Inter/National organizations hosted at Texas Tech and the chapters and professional staff on campus is critical to the success of the students involved in the community. It is our joint commitment to the student experience that provides best experience possible.

Communication & Contact

While we are eager to reconnect during professional development and volunteer opportunities throughout the year, we are strive to maintain an on-going conversation about the ever evolving landscape of fraternities and sororities on our campus, in our region and across the country. 

We will provide a quarterly newsletter to all contacts outlining trends, initiatives and priorities for the future of our community. We also count on established relationships with our colleagues during times of crisis and response.

Click here to learn more about advised crisis response practices for TTU.  

Chapter Accountability

When incidents happen, on or off campus, and your members are involved, our staff will serve as the direct contact for response to resolve disciplinary matters.

While incidents of low-level concern and actions of individual behavior on behalf of members will likely be resolved among the organization president and advisor(s), any incident that indicates organization involvement or a culture fostered by the organization will be immediately communicated to the national headquarters. 

Our commitment to partnership extends into the investigation and rehabilitation of all organizations. Our model for self-reporting and informal resolution allows for a joint process in which the campus and national organization build a plan for a successful future for the chapter. 

Click here to learn more about the disciplinary process for organizations as Texas Tech. 

How to Start A New Chapter

As a part of an ever growing student population, we are fueled by commitment to enrollment growth in the years to come. An expected 40,000 students will call Texas Tech home in future years and Fraternity & Sorority Life will continue to support the growth of the community through expansion efforts to accommodate a fraternal experience. 

Inter/National organizations interested in Texas Tech are encouraged to reach out to FSL Staff to discuss council preparedness and potential timelines. 

Recent Expansion Projects 


Phi Gamma Delta

Fall 2023

Alpha Sigma Rho

Fall 2019

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Spring 2022




Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 

Spring 2022



Future Expansion Projects


Phi Kappa Tau - Spring 2024

Theta Xi - Fall 2024