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National Pan-Hellenic Council


 The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) is a collective of nine historically African-American fraternities and sororities. The nine organizations are sometimes collectively known as the "Divine Nine." The NPHC at Texas Tech consists of six of the nine organizations. The council aims to foster the cooperative actions of its members in dealing with matters of mutual concern and to promote camaraderie, academic excellence, and service to the communities they serve. Each promotes community awareness action through educational, economic, and cultural service activities.

NPHC Organizations


NPHC Executive Board

Updated NPHC

Position Name Email
President Shauna Pugh presidentttunphc@gmail.com
Executive Vice President Alex Humphrey vpttunphc@gmail.com
Vice President of Finance VACANT treasurerttunphc@gmail.com
Vice Presidents of Administration VACANT secretaryttunphc@gmail.com
Vice President of Service Mahogany Nails commservicettunphc@gmail.com
Vice President of Events Jolea Jacob ecttunphc@gmail.com
Vice President of Events VACANT  
Vice President of Public Relations Ava Parker historianttunphc@gmail.com
Vice President of Accountability VACANT parliamentarianttunphc@gmail.com

NPHC Featured Programs

Meet the Greeks

nphc mtg

Meet the Greeks is an event open to the entire Texas Tech community, that occurs at the beginning of each semester. This event serves as an opportunity for individuals to learn about the historic upbringing of these organizations and see the NPHC traditions of stepping and strolling. 

The next Meet the Greeks will be on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, starting at 7pm!

Homecoming Step Show

In the Fall, our NPHC community puts on a show! To finish off homecoming, the Step Show displays more of the traditional stepping and strolling with themed performances. 2019s' theme was "Channel Surfing" featuring classic shows and movies such as "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and "Mean Girls." Our NPHC community continues to strive for excellent showmanship while educating the community about their diverse backgrounds. 

How to Join:

The National Pan-Hellenic Council receives new members via an intentional selection recruitment style, most commonly referred to as Membership Intake. Below are the steps that best prepare you for the Membership Intake Process.

    • Ensure that your GPA is a 2.5 or higher. (Some organizations will require at least a 2.75)
    • Get involved on campus. Being in leadership positions will prepare you for membership in an NPHC organization.
    • Attend events and get to know the members of the organization.
    • Keep your resume updated, and ensure that it details all relevant leadership and work experience.
    • Do community service. Some organizations do require service hours to become a member.
    • Be financially sound. Joining an NPHC organization is a financial commitment that you will need to prepare for in advance.
    • Keep a clean reputation on and off campus.

Each NPHC organization has its own expectations for those interested in membership. Chapters host events throughout the year that are open to the campus community. If you are interested in a specific organization, it is highly encouraged that you communicate only with current members of that organization directly to receive additional information.

All NPHC organizations have national membership guidelines that they must follow. These guidelines include a minimum GPA requirement specific to each chapter and proof of enrollment as an undergraduate student at Texas Tech.

Questions about the council?

For any questions about the National Pan-Hellenic council please send an email to texastechnphc@gmail.com