Texas Tech University

Standards of Excellence

The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life is pleased to announce the 2020 Standards of
Excellence program. The Standards of Excellence are set of common community standards, which all our chapters should aspire to achieve. In light of the pandemic the chapter awards of been updated to fit the needs of 2020 while still allowing chapters to highlight successes during this past year. Chapters are encouraged to use the standards listed under each category as a best practices guide to aid in planning, goal setting and general chapter operations. Fraternity & Sorority Life will recognize those chapters that demonstrate excellence in meeting these standards.


Click Here to view the 2020 Awards Criteria

The Standards of Excellence are organized under the following categories:

Chapter Awards:

Academic Achievement Program of the Year

CRW Risk Education Program of the Year

Leadership and Member Development Program of the Year

Philanthropy and Civic Engagement Program of the Year

Social Justice, Equity and Inclusion Program of the Year

Brotherhood/Sisterhood Program of the Year

Individual Awards:

IFC Member of the Year

MGC Member of the Year

NPHC Member of the Year

CPH Member of the Year

Community Builder Award

Advisor of the Year

Emerging Leader Award

Helping Hand Award



Each category submission will be scored by outside fraternity & sorority life professionals. Every category will contain an application that requires you to upload documentation or a written response that corresponds with the application criteria statements. Each category is worth a total of ten points. The submissions will be evaluated using a rubric with a scale of 1-10.

○ Below 5 points = Below Expectations
○ 5-6 points = Achieved Expectations
○ 7-8 points = Excellent
○ 9-10 points = Outstanding

● Applications must be submitted via online form
● All submissions are due no later than 11:59 PM CST on February 1st.

    • Late
      applications will not be evaluated.

● A program of the year for each category will be given to the chapter with the highest
overall score in each council.

● Chapters that received an outstanding level score or excellent level score will also be
recognized as well.

● In order to be eligible for Chapter awards, the chapter must be in good standing
with their national organization, council and the university.

● The evaluation period for recognition will be the 2021 calendar year. Any activity,
program, etc. which occurred from January 1, 2021- December 31, 2021 can be counted
toward the standards.

  • FSL Awards  applications will be due Feb 1, 2022 at
  • FSL will host a Fraternity and Sorority Life Awards Ceremony during the
    2022 Spring semester. 

FSL Awards Timeline

FSL Awards Trainings: November 1st-2nd, 2021

All chapters should send a representative to a training to learn more about the application process. There will be two opportunities to attend, however chapters only need to attend one of the two opportunities. Please reach out to the Fraternity & Sorority Life staff for any questions you have about submissions or the process.

  • Alexis Ortiz, alexis.ortiz@ttu.edu

Online Applications Period Begins November 1st, 2021
Chapter and individual awards applications will go live on Google Forms.

Deadline for Chapter and Individual Awards February 1st, 2022 11:59 PM CST
Chapter and awards applications must be submitted via Google Form

Chapter and Individual Awards Application Review February 15th-March 15th, 2022

FSL Awards Ceremony April 2022
Ceremony to recognize Individual and Chapter Award applicants and winners is to be

Purpose of the Awards?

These awards are meant to celebrate our chapter's accomplishments as well help them to see areas of growth.

These awards will also help our chapters to report their success back to their national
organizations and allow the office staff to write letters of good standing to the national
organization that more accurately depict the successes of the chapter.


2020 Awards Winners

Join us in congratulating our 2020 FSL Award winners!

Academic Achievement Award:

CPH- Zeta Tau Alpha

IFC- Kappa Alpha Order

MGC- Delta Kappa Delta Sorority, Inc.

Excellent Academic Programming Certificate- Alpha Phi, Kappa Alpha Theta

CRW Risk Education Award:

CPH- Zeta Tau Alpha

IFC- Farmhouse

Excellent Risk Education Programming Certificate- Kappa Delta

Leadership & Member Development Award:

CPH- Zeta Tau Alpha

IFC- Phi Delta Theta

Excellent Leadership & Member Development Programming Certificate- Alpha Delta Pi, & Pi Beta Phi

Philanthropy & Civic Engagement:

CPH- Pi Beta Phi

IFC- Kappa Alpha Order

MGC- Delta Kappa Delta Sorority, Inc.

NPHC- Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Excellent Philanthropy & Civic Engagement Programming Certificate- Alpha Phi, Delta Gamma, Zeta Tau Alpha, Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.

Social Justice Equity, & Inclusion:

CPH- Delta Gamma

CPH- Zeta Tau Alpha

MGC- Delta Kappa Delta Sorority, Inc.

Excellent Social Justice, Equity, & Inclusion Programming Certificate- Alpha Phi

Advisor of the Year Award:

Elizabeth Thomasson, Kappa Alpha Theta

Community Builder Award:

Angelica Fortanelli, Delta Alpha Sigma Multicultural Sorority, Inc.

Javon Johnson, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Helping Hand Award:

Ileana Hinojosa, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center

CPH Member of the Year:

Tarah Hill, Zeta Tau Alpha

IFC Member of the Year:

Clay "CJ" Rogers, Alpha Tau Omega

MGC Member of the Year:

Melanie Rivera, Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.

NPHC Member of the Year:

Dayo "DJ" Olabode, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.