Texas Tech University

FSL Policies


Texas Tech Student Code of Conduct 

Regulations and/or standards by which students at Texas Tech University abide and procedures by which its organization functions.

Social Event Planning Policy

The purpose of the Social Event Policy is to allow Fraternity & Sorority Life the ability to work with organizations and student leaders to better understand their inter/national organizations' policies and provide a backstop for the expectations we have of our organizations while hosting social events. FIPG is the industry standard with 51 inter/national members and reads in line with the majority of inter/national organizations' policies as they are written today.

Student Org Flowchart

The Student Org Flowchart outlines the conduct process when incidents arise in our Fraternity and Sorority Life community. 

Membership Intake Policy

This form is to be completed by MGC and NPHC organizations each semester prior to the start of any new member education activities.

Membership Education Policy

This form is to be completed by CPH and IFC organizations each semester prior to the start 

Leadership Program Policies

This document outlines the policies of the leadership development programs hosted by the Fraternity and Sorority Life office including Leadership Summit, Leadership Development Series, and Peer to Peer Trainings. 

Hazing Prevention 

Follow the above link to view resources on Hazing prevention.