Texas Tech University



Within the department, faculty and students pursue an active geophysics research program focused in three main areas:

  • Earthquake and Exploration Seismology
  • Gravity, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Prospecting
  • Geophysics of Earth, the Moon and other rocky planetary bodies in the solar system


Dr. Harold Gurrola, mantle seismology, gravity, electromagnetic and magnetic fields.

Dr. Seiichi Nagihara, geothermal heat flow studies applied planetary bodies.

Research Facilities

  • Geothermal Heat Flow Lab
  • Researchers in earthquake seismology analyze data from various seismic stations located on the southern High Plains, along with IRIS (Incoprorated Research Insitutions for Seismology) and other global seismometer stations.


  • GPH 3300 Geophysics
  • GPH 3310 Introduction to Geophysical Data Processing
  • GPH 4300 Independent Studies in Geophysics
  • GPH 4321 Seismic Exploration Methods
  • GPH 4322 Solid Earth Geophysics
  • GPH 4323 Potential Field and Electromagnetic Methods in Geophysics
  • GPH 5300 Individual Study in Geophysics
  • GPH 5303 Seismic Data Analysis
  • GPH 5305 Velocity Model Building
  • GPH 5307 Seismic Migration
  • GPH 5310 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
  • GPH 5321 Advanced Seismic Exploration Methods
  • GPH 5323 Advanced Potential Field and Electromahnetic Methods in Geophysics
  • GPH 5324 Radiative Transfer