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The Museum of Texas Tech University's Paleontology Division has an expanding collection of fossil vertebrates.

The collection of Triassic vertebrates is currently the primary focus of collecting and research by the personnel of the division. The collection also includes Paleozoic, other Mesozoic, and extensive Cenozoic collections. The collection includes a number of holotype specimens (the single species used when the species was formally described or named) and specimens currently being described to erect new species.

The mission of the Paleontology Division is collect, preserve, interpret, and disseminate information concerning the vertebrate paleontology of the Southwestern United States and other areas related by geology, stratigraphy, or natural history.

The division's collections are an important source of educational and research information for the public, students, and scientists. The Paleontology Division contributes to the education of students in both the paleontology and museum science programs at Texas Tech through participation in fieldwork, lab work, classroom instruction, work/study, practicums, internships and research.

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2023/2024 Research

Garzapelta muelleri - A New Aetosaur

Cranial Anatomy of Libognathus Sheddi Small

A New Kannemeyeriiform Dicynodont (Synapsida)