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Mission & Vision Statements

Arroyo Front of Building

Mission Statement

Through its collections and programs, the Museum of Texas Tech University engages campus and community to enhance understanding of self- and community identity, society, and the world; to empower people to be informed citizens of the 21st century; and to enrich lives.

Our Commitment to Service

1. We serve people, not things.

2. We are for someone, not just about something.

3. Our clients are our audiences and stakeholders, not the collections. The collections are a priceless resource and our role is to make meaning from them for our audiences—be they general audiences, schools, college students, or academic peers—in this generation, and for generations to come.

4. We will listen to our audiences and stakeholders and work with them to develop the best possible products and services—products and services they want and value—in education, research, and collection care.

Statement of Purpose

Established in 1929, the Museum is an educational, scientific, cultural, and research element of Texas Tech University. It is a not-for-profit institution by virtue of being a part of Texas Tech University. The Museum's purpose is to support the academic and intellectual mission of Texas Tech University through the collection, preservation, documentation, and research of scientific and cultural material and to disseminate information about those collections and their scientific and cultural topics through exhibition, interpretation, and publication for primary, secondary, and higher education students, the scholarly community, and the general public. The Museum aspires to provide the highest standard of excellence in museological ethics and practices, while pursuing continuous improvement, stimulating the greatest quantity of quality research, conservation, interpretation, exhibition, and education, and providing support for faculty, staff, and students. The Museum is a multi-faceted institution that includes the main building, the Helen Devitt Jones Auditorium and Sculpture Court, Moody Planetarium, Natural Science Research Laboratory, and Lubbock Lake Landmark, an archaeological and natural history preserve.

Strategic Plan 2016–20

Museum of Texas Tech University Strategic Plan 2016–2020 

Facilities, Policies, and Procedures

Museum Operating Policies (M/OP)

Texas Tech University Operating Policies (TTUOP)