Texas Tech University

Trunk Wall

Bring the Museum into Your Classroom

The MoTTU Education Division offers the Trunk Wall program, which allows educational and unique objects to be loaned out for your institution to use. Taking our education collection objects out of the museum and into your classroom gives students a hands-on learning experience. Some of the subjects that our objects cover includes, history, paleontology, natural science, space exploration, geology, and so much more!

Educators are welcome to visit with the Education Division and browse through the objects in our education collection. A maximum number of 20 objects are allowed to be loaned out at a time and you can mix and match the objects you borrow from the various categories that we have to offer. There will be a required deposit of $20 (cash or check) for the loaned-out item(s), which will be refunded once the object(s) have been returned. This is to ensure that our objects make their way back to the museum, so other teachers get the opportunity to check them out as well. Objects must be returned within 3 weeks of being checked out. If there is a request on borrowing an object for longer than the 3 weeks, please let us know.

If you are interested in borrowing educational objects through our Trunk Wall program, have questions or would like more information, please contact Alexandra Graham at alexandra.e.jones@ttu.edu or call (806) 834-1292. You can also contact the Education Division at museum.education@ttu.edu or call (806) 742-2432.

The categories that we have available include:

  • Fossils
  • Geological rocks
  • Scientific tools & diagrams
  • Space
  • Musical instruments
  • Clothing & textiles
  • Animal skeletons
  • Prairie & ranching living
  • Military history