Texas Tech University

Continuing Education

Come and get your Continuing Professional Education hours with the Museum of Texas Tech University!

people standing in front of exhibit with clipboards


  1. Teacher
  2. Lecturer
  3. Tour guide
  4. Vital volunteer

Docents are teachers with a very unique classroom. Their purpose is to educate using the museum, art, objects, and artifacts. If you would like to learn how to use the museum and/or our amazing docents as part of your classroom or curriculum, please join us.

We will discuss topics such as: using tours as teaching aids, creating tours of the galleries in the museum, elements of design, and much more. Each day of training will count as 3 CPE hours. You may attend one training, or you may attend all of the trainings.

For more information please call 806-742-2442 or email museum.texastech@ttu.edu.