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Clothing & Textiles

hat, quilts, purse and shoes from textile collection

The Clothing and Textiles Division of the Museum of Texas Tech University comprises over 32,000 objects. Its purpose is to provide examples of design for study and research. Of particular focus are items designed, made or used by tastemakers of all socio-economic levels in Texas and the Southwest as well as items that typically would have been used by tastemakers. Objects are collected for their artistic and historical value.

The loan of a frontier woman's drawn work apron, a gingham sunbonnet and homespun cotton stockings initiated the Clothing and Textiles Collection of the Museum in 1937. Today the remarkable, many-faceted collection, spanning 240 years, is evidence of the generosity and foresightedness of numerous individuals whose donations both of objects and acquisition funds has enriched the collection and added to the knowledge of the past.

Employing this valuable collection through exhibitions, "Come and See" and other public programs, and publications, the staff endeavors to actively engage the campus, community and broader research community. The purpose is to enhance the audience's understanding of themselves, their society and their world, to empower them to be ethical and productive citizens of the 21st century and to enrich their lives.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Sumptuous Stitches & Tiny Treasures - Delayed until 2021 due to COVID-19

Books for purchase

Cotton and Thrift: Feed Sacks & the Fabric of the American Household

Exhibition run: June 2019 - December 2019

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Sumptuous Stitches & Tiny Treasures

Exhibition delayed due to COVID-19. Coming 2021.

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Come and See Program

The Come and See programs at the Museum of Texas Tech University offer a look into the massive closet that is the museum's Clothing and Textile collection. Learn more>>

Want to learn more about the items in the collection?

New research, new acquisitions and general interest items from the world of fashion and textiles are shared on the Clothing and Textiles of the Museum of Texas Tech blog.

orange and tan coat

Women's Garments




Men's & Military Garments


chintz medallion quilt


fur trimmed boy's coat

Children's Garments

silk embroidered needlework of Pharoah's daughter rescuing Moses from the Nile



feedsack undergarment


doily with black threadwork

Household Textiles

doll from circa 1900