Texas Tech University

Current Students

Elective courses 

Fall Spring
GEOL 3323 Environmental Geology  GEOL 3322 Oceanography
GEOL 3450 Paleontology GEOL 4310 Planetary Geology 
GEOL 4300 Petrophysics GEOL 4312 Undergraduate Research
GEOL 4306 Intro to Petroleum Systems  GEOL 4318 Geology of Texas
GEOL 4312 Undergraduate Research  GEOL 4331 Digital Imagery 
GCH 4405 Inorganic Geochemistry  GEOL 4361 Advanced Structural Geology (even years)
GCH 4308 Techniques/Applications Mineral Sciences (even years) GEOL 4362 Tectonics (odd years) 
GPH 4321 Seismic Methods  GEOL 4370 Hydrogeology 

Field Work

Yes, this is a field work based degree (especially for the geology concentration). Learning how to conduct proper field work is very important for any career in Geosciences. Get physically active during breaks before your big field trip classes start. With that being said we have put together a recommended list of field supplies you will need as you progress through the major. 



 Guide to be a Successful GEOS Major