Texas Tech University

South Africa: Program Requirements and Application Process


All applications for the NSF-IRES program are reviewed by the program leaders (Hetherington, Arif and Martinez) and acceptance to the IRES program is contingent upon acceptance to the TTU Study Abroad program.

To participate in the NSF-IRES program you must have completed two full semesters of college-level instruction before departure and have a GPA or at least 3.0. If there are extenuating circumstances that impact your GPA they must be clearly explained. Program participants from any University in Texas are REQUIRED to enroll for credit at Texas Tech University. Other students may enroll at Texas Tech, or at their home institution. Regardless of where a student is enrolled, all participants must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours and be compliant with TTU Office of International Affairs policies.

If you are accepted into the NSF-IRES program you will be asked to commit, in writing, your willingness to be included in the NSF sponsored program and agree to meet the eligibility requirements for NSF support. Once you commit to the program please note that you will be responsible for the full program fee if you decide to withdraw from the program at a later date. This is a TTU Study Abroad policy that is beyond the control of the NSF-IRES Study Abroad program.

There is a 2-step process to apply for the NSF-IRES program.

Step 1: Apply to the Department of Geosciences/Department of Journalism & Creative Media Industries Study Abroad Program. Application deadline is 14  Feburary 2023. Failure to complete part 2 of the process will invalidate an application to the NSF-IRES program. 

Step 2: Read the instructions below and then proceed to the APPLY NOW Application Form.


The application form is accessed at the bottom of the page. The application has three types of question:

1.       General information questions that include name, address, email, telephone, general academic information (including GPA), how did you hear about this program and academic history (College attended, credits earned, institutional GPA).

2.       A set of questions concerning your physical well-being and general health status. You will be asked to read the statement and acknowledge what participation in the program may require of you.

3.       Some short-answer questions. The questions are listed immediately below – please read them, think about and prepare your responses, and when you access the form copy and paste them into the appropriate fields.

A.     In a few sentences describe your academic preparation for this program (examples may include courses in STEM fields or Journalism and Creative Media Industries), and any personal experience from (international) travel, undergraduate research or employment.

B.      List any awards, fellowships, honors or distinguished scholarships or recognition that you have received.

C.     Do you speak a second language? If yes, please explain, including if English if your second language.

D.     In a couple of paragraphs, explain your motivation for applying to join the NSF-IRES program. Include information on why you think you are well suited to the program, and how it will help you prepare for your hoped-for career.

E.      Have you, or are you, scheduled to take a course with any of the program leaders listed as the Instructor of Record (Arif, Hetherington and/or Martinez).?

F.      Please provide the name and email address for another Texas Tech Professor who we may contact, and is willing to act as a reference upon your behalf.

G.     If you have a passport-style photograph of yourself please up load it.


Please submit your application form by 14 February 2023