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Rural Childcare Center Application

The Coalition for Natural Learning (CNL) is looking for 5 rural childcare centers interested in receiving complimentary design services to improve their outdoor play and learning space. Selected centers will receive a complimentary design plan, resource information, and implementation guidance for an outdoor learning environment. It is important to note that this study does not offer financial assistance towards constructing the outdoor learning environment, but it does provide a list of resources. There are examples of previous designs provided to childcare centers on the Projects page. Designs accommodate all levels of budgets and sizes of outdoor spaces. There is no such thing as too small a project or a budget. Centers must fill out this form to be considered for complimentary services, which are awarded on a limited basis. Email Lori Guerrero at l.guerrero@ttu.edu with questions about the CNL Rural Communities Outreach Program.

Design Plan Example

Participation benefits:

  • A complimentary lunch for the design workshop participants ($100 value for the center)
  • A complimentary community presentation that can serve as staff development ($100 value for the center)
  • A complimentary design workshop and landscape design ($3,000 value for the center)
  • A complimentary phasing plan and resource information

Participation responsibilities:

Selected centers will allow the Texas Tech Coalition for Natural Learning:
  • to host a one-hour community presentation about the health and wellness benefits of outdoor learning environments.
  • to host a five-hour participatory design workshop which also serves as a focus group to learn about the barriers and needs of rural childcare centers.
  • collect the participants' identifiable information such as the participant's name, location, age, educational background, household income, and work experiences which will be privately collected, declassified, kept confidential, and not published.

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