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The Trained OLE Designer Network supports the implementation of the OLE! Texas Initiative by providing resources for both designers and childcare centers looking for qualified professionals to help them improve their outdoor spaces.


The network includes links and information about design professionals throughout Texas who have completed specialized training in the OLE! Texas philosophy and participatory process. These design professionals are available to help childcare providers conceptualize their outdoor spaces. Centers are encouraged to use the network to contact designers in their area to inquire about the specific services they can provide. There are no costs associated with the use of this resource.

Find a Trained OLE Designer by clicking here.


Design professionals are encouraged to become active members of the Designer Network so that they may offer their services, share ideas and research, and support the state-wide OLE! Texas Initiative. Network participants are recognized as a Trained OLE Designers and are included in the Trained OLE Designer database.

The Texas Tech University Coalition for Natural Learning supports the network by providing recruitment, training, management of web resources, research and networking opportunities. Currently, there are no fees charged to be listed as a Trained OLE Designer.

The requirements to become a Trained OLE Designer and member of the OLE! Texas Designer Network:

  • Have experience as a designer,
  • Be dedicated to, and an advocate of, the OLE! Texas philosophy,
  • Complete specific education and training in the OLE! Texas philosophy, its theoretical foundations, the design development process, assessment procedures, and research methodologies,
  • Be a participant in networking activities and willing to share experiences,
  • Remain dedicated to continued education and assessment of completed projects through research and dissemination.


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