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There are two training options available to designers who are interested in joining the Trained OLE Designer Network: 1) The NLI + TTU/CNL, which includes Designing Early Childhood Natural Environments course offered by Natural Learning Initiative (NLI) at North Carolina State University, plus the workshop practicum offered by Texas Tech Coalition for Natural Learning (TTU/CNL) or 2) The OLE! Texas Designer Training Seminar offered by the Texas Tech Coalition for Natural Learning at Texas Tech University. These two paths are detailed in the scholarship recipient application, selection and procedure flow chart.


Photograph of designers at the end of the workshop training holding the schematic plan.Photograph of community presentation at the workshop training.Photograph of the participatory process of creating the schematic design at the workshop training.

1) The NLI + TTU/CNL Path:

This path requires both training components to become a Trained OLE Designer and member of the Trained OLE Designer Network.

    • The first portion of this path is an online certificate course offered by the Natural Learning Initiative (NLI). It is a 24-hour, self-paced course that qualifies for continuing education requirements for landscape architects. Limited scholarships are available for reimbursement of the course fee for designers who complete the course. For further information about the cost and course availability visit the Designing Early Childhood Outdoor Environments Certificate registration site.
    • The second requirement of the NLI + TTU/CNL Path is participation in a facilitated design workshop as a practicum in the evidence-based design development process. The design workshops are conducted by Texas Tech University Coalition for Natural Learning faculty in collaboration with local OLE! Texas coalitions. The TTU team works with prospective OLE designers and a local childcare center to implement the design development process. It includes pre-planning, stakeholder surveys, a design charette-like workshop, the development of schematic plans for the center's outdoor spaces, and action planning activities.

2) The TTU/CNL Path:

    • The second training path is an intensive two-day seminar offered by the Texas Tech University Coalition for Natural Learning. It is  a synchronous online course that combines the educational component with the facilitated design workshop component. When dates become available for this training opportunity, they will be provided on the Designer Training Dates webpage.
    • For more information about the two-day seminar offered by the Texas Tech Coalition for Natural Learning,  visit the Designer Training Dates webpage.

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