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TexasTech Animal Care Services DEA Policy

Animal Care Services will not distribute controlled substances without the presence of the Facilities Manager or the Attending Veterinarian. If you will be using controlled substances for a project in which the Facilities Manager or the Attending Veterinarian will not be present then you must obtain your own DEA License or obtain services of a licensed Veterinarian.

Below are instructions for obtaining the Federal number. 

If you have any questions please contact:

Tiffanie Brooks

Attending Veterinarian

(806) 834-8588


Directions for Obtaining a Federal DEA


    • All employees who need to use controlled substances in their research must obtain a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Registration Number. 
  1. State employees are exempt from the license fee.
  2. The Certifying Official is normally a department chair or high level member of the administration who can certify that you are a state employee.
  3. The DEA Registration process takes about 30 days. During this time your laboratory may be site visited by DEA personnel to inspect your drug storage system.
  4. The application program is self directing and easy to complete. Some directions are provided below.


  1. Download registration forms at www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/drugreg/index.html and complete as indicated.
  2. SECTION 1: Drug Registration- Click on New Applications.
  3. Next Page: read directions and click on DEA 225.
  4. Next Page is start of Application Form. Do not click on researcher on this page unless you need Schedule l drugs. Scroll to bottom of page and click on BEGIN.
  5. On next page (1 Personal Page 1) begin completion of form: Put the room number where drugs will be stored as part of the street address. Click on NEXT.
  6. On (1 Personal Information Page 2) enter your social security number or tax ID number and check Certification for Fee Exemption box or you will have to pay for the license. Click NEXT.

On ( 1 Personal Information Page 3) Fill in:

  1. First blank with Texas Tech University.
  2. Second Blank with your department chair, dean or VP who will certify that you are a state employee.
  3. Third Blank with his/her title.
  4. Fourth Blank with their phone number.
  5. Check box regarding supervisor's agreement. If you don't, you won't be able to proceed.

SECTION 2: Business Activity/Schedules:

  1. Check Researcher.(University Employees are exempt from the Federal Fee)
  2. Select Schedules needed. Do not select Schedule 1 on this form. If you need morphine, fentanyl, or other narcotics, select Schedule 2, plus 3 (narcotic and non narcotic), 4, & 5 for drugs useful in research such as ketamine and butorphanol. If you select schedule II, you will need to designate at another site on this form the drugs you will be requesting.
  3. If you select Schedule II, you will need to check the box for official order forms, which you must have to order Schedule II drugs.
  4. Otherwise, select 3 (narcotic and non narcotic), 4, & 5, and do NOT check the box for order forms.
  5. Click NEXT and proceed.

SECTION 3: State licenses

  1. For State License, leave blank.
  2. State Control Substance License leave blank
  3. Click NEXT and review State License Entry Warning.
  4. Click NEXT.

SECTION 4: Background Information

  1. Answer questions.
  2. Click NEXT.

SECTION 4: Drug Code Numbers -Schedule II

  1. If you have selected Schedule II, you must make drugs selections now.
  2. Make selections and click ENTER.
  3. If you didn't select Schedule II, you won't see the drug selection lists and will have passed on to SUMMARY OF INFORMATION.


  1. Review Information and make any corrections needed.
  3. Type FIRST and LAST NAME in block.
  4. Push SUBMIT BUTTON to complete application process.


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