Texas Tech University

Technology Hardware

It may become necessary to utilize TTU-owned hardware from off campus.  Considerations for doing so are found below:

  • Emergency Remote Work Agreement Technology Guidelines
    For employees working remotely, below are general guidelines regarding access to computer workstations listed in order of preference.
    1. Employees who already have University equipment assigned to them such as a laptop should continue to use this equipment.
    2. Employees who already use home systems regularly to connect for work-related use should continue to use these systems.
    3. Employees who are able to check out University/departmental provided systems should work with their departments to utilize one of these systems.
    4. If the above options are unavailable, employees may use their home systems that are not otherwise used regularly for connecting to work, if available.
    5. If the above options are unavailable, and if the department head approves, employees may check out their University Desktops. This option should be considered after all other options have been exhausted as the employee may encounter issues such as network connections, University security settings, University data on systems, etc. Please note that equipment storing confidential data, sensitive data, or export-controlled data must not be removed from campus, as this would potentially violate federal and/or state laws or regulations.
  • Ensure that critical power supplies for laptops and tablets, and other peripherals are collected.
  • Ensure that critical software packages, such as Microsoft Office, are installed on laptops and mobile devices.
  • Copy your browser favorites to all your devices and other secondary browsers so they are easily accessible.
  • Statistics vary on the number of bacteria and viruses that live on our devices, but industry experts agree that our devices are in direct contact with a wide variety of contaminants every day. We recommend cleaning your mobile device(s), keyboards, mice, headsets, and handsets, regularly.

Additional Information: