Texas Tech University

Online Meetings and TTU Voice Service

Online meetings are a convenient way to virtually meet, preventing the spread of infectious diseases, while still allowing business to continue. Further, phone calls to and from your TTU phone number can be made while off campus.

  • Available online meeting platforms
    • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Primarily for teaching)
    • Microsoft Teams (Primarily for teaching, online meetings and collaboration)
    • Skype for Business (Primarily for online meetings)
    • Zoom Conferencing Tool (for those not familiar with the other tools)
  • Software clients to connect to TTU Unified Communications (Phone & Online meetings)
    • Skype for Business (PC & Mac), available through eRaider.
    • Skype for Business Mobile App (iOS, iPadOS & Android)
  • Hardware
    • Office headsets and/or handsets
    • Webcams (USB, smartphones, tablets & laptops)

Prepare and test in advance of any meetings to ensure hardware and software function.

Campus adoption of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams is very high, as shown in these metrics:

  FY19 FY20 (1st half)
Skype for Business    
Instant messages 8.5 million 4.6 million
Audio minutes 7.5 million 3.9 million
Video minutes 79,000 39,000
Application sharing sessions 19,000 11,000
Conferences (meetings) 41,000 24,000
Microsoft Teams: Total Groups
Microsoft Teams is the collaboration tool that will eventually replace Skype for Business at TTU, with an intuitive, feature-rich platform that fully integrates with Office 365 services. 
1,257 1,749

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