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Kinesiology & Sport Management Graduate Assistantships

Getting Started

Once the student has been granted admission to the Department of Kinesiology & Sport Management graduate program, the student is expected to register for coursework. Students can register online at the Raiderlink portal for students. It is a good idea to read the University TTU Graduate Catalog before starting your studies. You also may want to check the home page of the graduate school, which includes their email address. The proposed schedule of courses should be approved by the student's assigned faculty advisor. Normal full-time enrollment in fall and spring is 9 hours; summer term is 3 hours.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship

Students admitted to the master's degree programs in the Department of Kinesiology & Sport Management provided financial support in the form of graduate teaching assistantships. Teaching must pursue a course of study in a master's degree within the Department of Kinesiology & Sport Management. It is expected that graduate teaching assistants work on a half-time basis (20 hours per week) in addition to maintaining a full-time class schedule.  

Master's degree students receiving teaching assistantships are assigned to instruct a variety of activity classes in the Personal Fitness Wellness (PFW) program. Every effort will be made for TAs to teach classes in which they have had previous experience or knowledge. 

As a TA or RA, the student must be enrolled in 9 hours in a long semester. In the summer, a TA or RA must be enrolled in 3 hours in the session teaching.

Also, faculty occasionally may hire research assistants (RAs).

Teaching/Research Assistantship Benefits

All students holding graduate TA or RA positions receive several benefits including exemption of out-of-state tuition, waivers for most but not all of tuition and fees, and campus student health care. TAs and RAs, also receive waivers for most but not all of tuition and fees for the summer session as long as they are enrolled in a three-credit hour graduate class during the summer session teaching. In addition, TAs receive a stipend of $14,000 for nine months. Moreover, the possibility of teaching summer classes exists but depends on the availability of funding and student demand for PFW courses.

Teaching/Research Assistantship Evaluation

The assistantship stipends follow University guidelines and are subject to change each year. Students must maintain a B average or better and perform assigned duties in a satisfactory manner to retain a graduate assistantship. Performance is reviewed each semester.

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