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Computer Requirement


All students are required to provide their own graphics workstation meeting Landscape Architecture departmental specifications. A graphics workstation meeting the spec is critical to efficient and effective fused analog and digital workflows taught throughout the curriculum using state-of-the-art CAD, BIM, GIS, graphics visualization, and modeling tools.

Computer Requirement Specifications Sheet

The department's Computer Requirement Specifications document outlines the preferred and minimum requirements for a computer system equipped to handle the curriculum's coursework demands efficiently. A system with the recommended specifications should remain usable throughout the four-year program. In an attempt to make the process of acquiring a machine with the recommended specifications as easy for students as possible, the TTU Landscape Architecture Program has partnered with DELL in the configuration of a laptop computer system meeting all of the department's recommended requirements. The system is available for purchase at www.dell.com/raiders (detailed instructions on how to review and purchase this system can be found just under the specifications sheet below).

Table listing hardware requirements for laptop computer systems used with the TTU Landscape Architecture Curriculum

TTU LA-Configured DELL System

To access the DELL page containing information about the TTU LA-configured system, first click here to open a new browser window directed to www.dell.com/raiders. Then click on the link as indicated below.

DoLA Computer Graphic