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Meet TTU NWI Wind Energy/Honors Student Zachary Taylor

TTU WE Honors student Zachary Taylor.

(Above photo): TTU NWI Wind Energy/Honors student Zachary Taylor.

As part of an intermittent series introducing NWI students, please welcome Wind Energy/Honors student Zachary Taylor:

I am a junior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Wind Energy and a minor in Honors Environment and Humanities. I joined Honors College because of the various opportunities, from study abroad scholarships to smaller class sizes. The faculty and staff do everything they can to help us get the most out of our education. This starts with the First Year Experience program and continues through graduation with opportunities like Book Club, HON, and research opportunities.

Last year I was involved in the Residence Halls Association (RHA) (as the Senator for Murray Hall) and with the Wind Energy Student Association (WESA). This year I was elected as RHA President and will be spending most of my time, not spent in class, in the Leadership Development Center working with our interns, Senators, committees, and other Executive Members. We plan events, service opportunities, and leadership opportunities for the on-campus student body.

RHA is the second largest student organization, representing over 8,000 students living on-campus this year. If you are interested in getting involved with RHA, please, email us rha@ttu.edu, look us up on OrgSync, or come to our weekly meetings on Tuesdays 7-9pm in room 214 in the Leadership Development Center.

As I mentioned, my major is Wind Energy and my minor is Honors Environment and Humanities. This is a unique combination as both address the same topics in very different ways; at times, they can even oppose one another. My choice of major was a deciding factor in coming to Tech, since Texas Tech is the only school in the nation with this degree plan. My choice of minor, however, was strictly for my own enlightenment. Not many people get the opportunity to study in two environments that approach the same issues so differently. That is why I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of both the Wind Energy degree plan and Honors College. Both are dedicated to education and research, two things that I will always respect and consider valuable.

Thank you!

Zachary C. Taylor - Residence Halls Association President 2014-2015 - zachary.c.taylor@ttu.edu