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Dr. Ted Fujita

Dr. Fujita is best known for his development of the Fujita scale (F-scale) for rating tornado damage. For more information on Dr. Ted Fujita, please see the Michigan State University Geological Sciences web page created by Dr. Kazuya Fujita as a tribute to his father.

If you are interested in obtaining any copies of any of the following publications, please contact us. However, note that NWI does not have copies of all publications. If extra copies are available, these will be sent at the cost of handling and shipping. For articles which must be copied, an additional charge will be made of the cost of copying. These publications are not as yet in a searchable database. The following list was compiled by Dr. Kazuya Fujita.


Enhanced Fujita Scale Report

On-line Archive of Fujita Papers

(Texas Archival Resources)