Texas Tech University



2016 Graduation Luncheon

Every year more Wind Raiders make their mark in the Renewable Energy industry. Our graduates are mapping future wind projects, managing existing wind farms, overseeing new wind and renewable energy power developments, and teaching the next generation of innovators.

As our numbers increase in the industry, it is important for our graduates to have support from our alumni. The BSWE is proud to announce the creation of the Wind Raider Alumni Network. The Wind Raider Alumni Network will serve as an organization to help our alumni stay connected to each other, engage in program curriculum development, and provides an opportunity for alumni to mentor recent graduates as they transition into the industry. 

Alumni Tailgate


Join the BSWE's Alumni Tailgate Family Weekend. Take the opportunity to meet and network with our current students, watch the Texas Tech game on a movie screen, and most importantly, provide feedback about the BSWE program and curriculum relative to the trends you're seeing in the industry.