Texas Tech University

Wind PhD Alumni

Name Graduation Year Committee Chair Dissertation Current employment
J. Arn Womble*  2005 Kishor Mehta Remote-sensing applications to windstorm damage assessment Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety
Apoorv Dabral 2007    Probabilistic Damage and Loss Modeling for Metal Roof
Using Artificial Neural Network
Guy Carpenter
Hector Cruzado 2007 Chris Letchford Risk assessment model for wind-induced fatigue failure of cantilever traffic signal structures Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
Kevin Walter 2007  Chris Weiss  Wind power systems in the stable nocturnal boundary layer LCL Renewables
Dennis Noll 2008  Brad Ewing Design and control of an integrated wind-water desalination system for an inland municipality DNV
Brandon Storm 2008  Sukanta Basu Modeling of low-level jets over the Great Plains: Implications for wind energy Enel Green Power
Rolando Vega 2008  Chris Letchford, Andy Swift  Wind directionality: a reliability-based approach  CPS Energy
Andrea Gamret-Jackman 2008  Mario Beruvides  An analysis of the cost of hazard mitigation planning policy in local and regional government  ABS Group
Maribel Martinez-Mejia 2009  Brad Ewing  Economic analysis of the tornado impact upon two communities  North Central Texas Council of Governments
Becca Paulsen-Edwards 2009  John Schroeder  Characterization of hurricane gust factors using observed and analytical data Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Anita Schiller 2009  Robert McComb Hurricane Katrina's Impact on the Houston Metropolitan Statistical Area  Lancaster University
Brian Zachry 2009  Chris Letchford, 
Delong Zuo
Wind-wave interaction in the nearshore environment National Hurricane Center 
Franklin Lombardo 2009  Doug Smith  Analysis and interpretation of thunderstorm wind flow and its effects on a bluff body University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Kirsten Orwig 2010  John Schroeder Examining strong winds from a time-varying perspective  Swiss RE
Tanya Brown-Giammanco 2010 Daan Liang Development of a statistical relationship between ground-based and remotely-sensed damage in windstorms 
Ian Giammanco  2010 John Schroeder An observational study of tropical cyclone low-level wind maxima  Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety
Chris Pattison 2011  Andy Swift  Firming Wind Energy with Solar Photovoltaics  Lubbock Independent School District
Jason McNeill  2012 Delong Zuo  Characterization and simulation of inhomogeneous and non-stationary turbulent wind fields for assessment of wind turbine reliability  COWI
Amber Reynolds-Emory 2012  Chris Weiss  The collapse of transitioning mesoscale convective systems off the coast of West Africa and links to downstream tropical cyclogenesis NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Jianjun Luo 2014 Daan Liang Impacts, assessments, and responses: Interdisciplinary perspectives on tornadoes 
Kuangmin Gong 2014  Xinzhong Chen  Probabilistic extreme response analysis of large wind turbines to natural winds Fujian Energy Investment Company
Patrick Skinner 2014  Chris Weiss  Observations and ensemble Kalman filter analysis of multiple internal rear-flank downdraft momentum surges within the 18 May 2010, Dumas, Texas supercell National Severe Storms Laboratory
Richard Walker  2014 Andy Swift  Improving the feasibility of wind energy through improved wind resource characterization and use of remote sensing technologies  RD Energy Group, LLC
Anant Jain  2014  Andy Swift Model-scale Testing and Economics of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines  NextEra Energy, Inc.
Neha Marathe  2014 Andy Swift  Investigation of power performance and wakes of wind turbines under yawed flow Brookfield Renewable 
Rachit Mathur  2014 Andy Swift, Jennifer Rice Technical and economic analysis of lidar-enhanced proactive turbine blade pitch control Vestas
Richard Krupar III 2015 John Schroeder Improving surface wind estimates in tropical cyclones using WSR-88D derived wind profiles 
Yuepeng Cui  2015 Daan Liang, Brad Ewing A quantitative model for measuring community resiliency to hurricanes
Xinxin Zhang  2015 Xinzhong Chen Estimation of probabilistic extreme wind load effect with consideration of directionality and uncertainty
Venkatesh Singarao 2016 Vittal Rao Improving grid frequency response using wind generation resources RWE REnewables Americas, LLC
Hoonill Won 2017 Song-Lak Kang Horizontal and vertical variability of wind fluctuations in lower atmospheric boundary layer
 Texas Tech University
Tassia Penha Pereira 2018 Andy Swift Using multiple non-Doppler LIDARs for wind turbine wake detection under different inflow and operating conditions  Apex Clean Energy
James Duncan 2019 John Schroeder, Brian D. Hirth Wind plant optimization opportunities based on scanning-base measurements and advanced measurement analysis techniques WindESCo
Yeqin Wang 2019 Beibei Ren Control of Power Electronic Converters for Microgrids Director of Technology at SYNDEM
Liang Wu 2019 Delong Zuo Benchmark Study of Tornado Wind Loading on Low-rise Buildings with Consideration of Internal Pressure Jinke Property Group
Changda Feng 2019 Xinzhong Chen, Daan Liang Estimation of Building Response to Stationary and Nonstationary Winds with Consideration of Inelastic and Aeroelastic effects Verisk (formerly AIR Worldwide)
Joseph B. Dannemiller 2019 Doug Smith, Stephen Morse A probabilistic risk of wood frame structural resistance to wind and wave loads Texas Tech University 
Theresa A. Aguilar 2020 Andy Swift, Arquimedes Ruiz-Columbie Detecting the Long-Term Frequency of Large-Scale Wind Power Ramp Events Observed in ERCOT's Aggregated Wind Power Time-Series Data  
Pataya Scott 2021 Daan Liang, Bradley Ewing Analysis of Residential Building Performance in Tornadoes as a Function of Building and Hazard Characteristics Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)