Texas Tech University

Ph.D. in Wind Science & Engineering


Financial Support

All students accepted in the Wind Science and Engineering Ph.D. program will be generously supported through various funding sources. The stipend for qualified students has a range of $21,000 to $25,000 per year for teaching or research assistants.

While the majority of tuitions and fees are waived, students are responsible for paying the following costs by themselves:

  • Residual tuitions and fees (Amounts may vary. See this link for more information about how to estimate potential tuition/fees costs.)
  • Optional fees - medical service, athletic, recreation center
  • Housing, parking, meal, international student fee, special instruction fees and other incidental charges 


Students will be accepted to the Wind Ph.D. program only after a careful screening. Several measures will be considered for acceptance:

  • Academic standing
  • Test scores
  • Interest in wind science and engineering
  • Diversity
  • Aptitude for completing the work

The approach for entry into the Wind Ph.D. program will be holistic rather than purely academic. One of the innovations in screening the potential students is an on-campus interview with every candidate. (A phone interview or Skype interview will be arranged when an on-campus interview is not feasible.) This interview will inform the potential candidate of the comprehensiveness of the program and the commitment required to complete the degree. The personal interview will allow the admissions committee to make a careful judgment of the students' abilities, attitude and aptitude.

Students with backgrounds in a variety of fields such as engineering, mathematics, atmospheric sciences, economics, and the physical sciences are prime candidates for this program. Students who come from non-physical sciences backgrounds (e.g., biology, social sciences) may choose to pursue a minor in wind science and engineering while pursuing degrees in their respective disciplines. In these cases, their educational objectives will be integrated closely between their home departments and the program.

Graduate School Support

Financial support may also be available through Texas Tech Graduate School.  Please follow this link and then click on "Financial Support" to learn more.