Texas Tech University

Ph.D. in Wind Science & Engineering

Internship Policies and Procedures

A summer internship at a national laboratory, private industry, research institution, or governmental agency is an integral part of the Wind Science and Engineering Ph.D. program.

  • Doctoral advisory committee members will make contact with external organizations based on the student's area of research. The goal is to make internship beneficial to both the sponsor and the intern.
  • Students are also encouraged to make their own contacts to various internship institutions. Ultimately, the student makes his or her internship arrangements for logistics and scope of work.
  • The Internship is for one summer (12 weeks) but can be extended into long semester.
  • Interns are funded based on stipend/salary provided by the host organization and cost of off-site living.
  • Students must be registered for 6 credit hours in Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) 5031 under his/her advisory committee chair.
  • Students shall provide committee chair and the program coordinator with a signed letter stating his/her objective/aspiration for the internship and an agreement with a host organization on the duration.

With regard to internship requirements for IS 5031 (6 hours) registration, we require the following:

  • A 1-page update at 4 weeks (includes any changes to original goal and objectives) submitted to the committee chair.
  • A 1-page update at 8 weeks submitted to the committee chair.
  • A final report (10-20 pages) due on the day of completion of internship.
  • A presentation to all NWI faculty and students upon return to TTU (usually in the form of a NWI Weekly Seminar).

All reports go to the committee chair who will assign the grade for IS 5031. The internship is designed to give the candidates outside experience, and it may or may not be directly related to dissertation.

Graduate School Internship Guidelines

Be sure to review TTU's Graduate School guidelines for internships.  Follow this link to the Graduate School's web page "Final Comprehensive Components" and then click "Interships" under the heading "The MA/MS Interdisciplinary Studies Program".

TTU's Career Center

Finding and securing an internship is an involved process.  Be sure to have an updated resume and a cover letter.  TTU's Career Center provides resume building software, mock interviews, and resume reviews.  They are a great resource for strengthening your professional skills.