Texas Tech University

Ph.D. in Wind Science & Engineering

Research Topics

While the NWI faculty will be open to suggestions on research topics, we wanted to list research topics which have been or are currently being pursued by Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering doctoral program:

  • Post-windstorm Disaster Investigation
  • Bluff Body Aerodynamics
  • Structural Analysis and Response
  • Structural Design for Hurricanes and Tornadoes
  • Field Studies of Boundary Layer Processes
  • Thunderstorm Evolution Wind Characteristics
  • Mathematical and Numerical Analysis of Wind
  • Analysis of Aggregate Economic Performance
  • Risk Analysis and Decision-making
  • Economic Analysis of Wind Mitigation Policy
  • Windstorm Shelter Development
  • Wind Energy Transmission
  • Wind-Wave Interaction
  • Wind Power System Reliability
  • Wind Storm Risks to Wind Power Plants
  • Hurricane Risk and Evacuation
  • Solar Photovoltaics and Wind Energy Collaboration