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For more than 40 years, Texas Tech University has been a leader in wind research: first looking at wind hazard mitigation, wind engineering and wind science, and most recently moving into the wind energy field.

Research at the National Wind Institute takes an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on multiple engineering areas, atmospheric science, economics, business and law, among others, to address the nation's energy needs and continue to mitigate the damage to lives and structures from wind events.

NWI organizes and administers large multi-dimensional TTU wind-related research projects and serves as the contact point for major project sponsors and other external partners. These projects span from wind turbine research to our debris impact facility testing.

Having a space to collaborate with our partners is critical to our interdisciplinary work, and for the support of faculty affiliates and students. Thus, NWI manages and operates several research facilities as well as a 67-acre research field site to support atmospheric, engineering and other important disciplines to better understand wind energy and wind mitigation.