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Undegraduate Certificate in Writing

About the Program

The Undergraduate Writing Certificate allows students to add a valuable skill to their resume and develop valuable techniques for today's competitive job market. More than 73% of employers look for applicants with proven professional and creative writing skills. Improved writing skills will help students in their current courses, while also making them stand out to employers.

Why get a writing certificate?

  • If you've already taken ENGL 1302, you're only 4 classes away from having a certificate added to your transcript!
  • All courses are asynchronous – you never have to worry about being late for class or fitting courses into your busy schedule!
  • Stand out from other applicants by showing YOU have the writing skills to do the job. Employers will see a certificate proving that you have the skills they want to hire!
  • Want to have a minor and a certificate? You can combine the writing certificate with a minor in Technical Communication or English, so you don't have to choose!

Visit the program website for more information.

Visit the program website for more details.

Program Website

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