Texas Tech University

2016 Humanities Center Fellows

The Humanities Center announced its 2016 Fellows. Alumni College Fellows received a $2,000 fellowship and participated in Alumni College which took place on Saturday, October 15, 2016, inside the McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center, during the university's Homecoming Activities. 

Faculty Fellows received a course buyout during the 2016 spring semester. Each fellow gave a 40-minute talk in Holden Hall as part of the Faculty Fellows Talk Series.

Listed below are those faculty members selected to receive various Humanities Center fellowships. 

2016 Fellows
Pictured L to R, bottom row: Idoia Elola (CMLL), Kanika Batra (English), Jacob Baum (History), Dorothy Chansky (Director of the Humanities Center); 2nd row: Amy Koerber (English), Caroline Bishop (CMLL), Hannah Friedman (CMLL), Andrea Jonsson (CMLL); 3rd row: Emily Skidmore (History), Sarah Keyes (History), Sean Zdenek (English); 4th row: Joel Velasco (Philosophy), Christopher Bains (CMLL), Matthew Johnson (History); top row: Curtis Bauer (English); not pictured: Heather Warren-Crow (VPA) and Victoria Surliuga (CMLL). Photo by Mark McCall Photography













 Alumni College Fellows

Kanika Batra, Ph.D.
Associate Professor – English
"Imprinting Gender and Sexuality under Apartheid"

Curtis Bauer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor – English
"Scrittore Traditore: Examining Style and Influence in the Translations of the Mexican author Fabio Morábito"

Caroline Bishop, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor – CMLL: Greek & Roman History
"How to Make a Roman Demosthenes: Cicero's Construction of a Tradition"

Idoia Elola, Ph.D.
Associate Professor – CMLL: Spanish

"Defining Linguistic Landscapes Through Written Signage in Four Hispanic Flea Markets in Texas"

Hannah Friedman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor – CMLL: Classics

"Piecing Together The Ancient City: The Libarna Archaeological Project"

Andrea Jonsson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor – CMLL: French

"Acting Vulnerable: Performed Sincerity and Authenticity in the Voices of Jacques Brel and Stromae"

Amy Koerber, Ph.D.
Professor – English

"The Hormonal Woman: A Critical Exploration of Expert and Public Discourses"

Victoria Surliuga, Ph.D.
Associate Professor – CMLL: Italian
"Peggy Guggenheim in Venice: A Self-Professed Art Addict"

Joel Velasco, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor – Philosophy

"The Principles of Rationality: Deciding What to Believe and How to Reason"

Heather Warren-Crow, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor – Visual & Performing Arts
"Magic Moments: Girlhood and Viral Theory in the Internet Age"

Faculty Fellows

Sarah Keyes, Assistant Professor – History
"The Transcontinental Railroad's Surprising History of the Overland Trail"
Presentation: September 20, 2016 8:00 AM, Holden Hall 129

Jacob M. Baum, Assistant Professor – History
"Paradigms for a Reformation of the Senses: Religious Belief and Practice in Germany, 1400-1600"
Presentation: November 16, 2016 8:00 AM, Holden Hall 129

Emily Skidmore, Assistant Professor – History
"Beyond Community: Rural Lives of Trans Men"
Presentation: December 2, 2016 8:00 AM, Holden Hall 129

Matthew J. Johnson, Assistant Professor – History
"The Origins of Diversity in Higher Education"
Presentation: February 2, 2017, Time & Location to be determined.

Sean Zdenek, Associate Professor - English
"Reading Sounds: Closed-Captioned Media and Popular Culture"
Presentation: February 20, 2017, Time & Location to be determined.