Texas Tech University

Featured Scholar - April 2020


What are you watching/streaming?
Because of the constant stream of long overdue projects, I am going through a rather streamingless period. But it can be as thrilling as any streaming.

What games are you playing?
Not much. Only the old game of life and death, but I am mostly being played with, not really playing it.

What are you listening to?
Mostly students' complaints about the stream of hard readings they have to do for my classes.

What are you reading?
I am reading and re-reading Simone Weil and Yukio Mishima. You will not find two authors more different. Yet the commonalities are a joy to explore.

What are you writing/thinking about?
I am writing two books at once, which may be a recipe for failure. But, then again, one of the books is called "In Praise of Failure." And the other is a praise to non-conformism.

As for thinking, with so much on my mind, I can't do any.