Texas Tech University

Featured Scholar - October 2020

Scholar Banner Oct 2020

What are you watching/streaming?

During this unusual stay-at-home summer, I caught up on films and shows I've been hoping to catch over the years. Some of my favorites: Jojo Rabbit, BlacKkKlansman, Unbelievable, 13th, Mrs. America, Normal People, and every episode of Succession and Schitt's Creek.


What games are you playing?

My four-year-old son has been home and out of daycare since March, so we've created quite an array of games including the classics, "chase me," "nap refusal," and "who can make the funniest face." My family has also taken up balloon volleyball in the living room.


What are you listening to?

I will listen to anything Max Richter composes and he just released Voices, an epic soundscape through the principle ideas of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The album's relevance and impact in this time in our nation's history is remarkable; Richter's new work has inspired my new choreography which I'll set on the TTU Dance students in the coming year. I also discovered Mariachi Flor de Toloache this summer - they are phenomenal.


What are you reading?

Body Full of Stars, The Night Circus, Hidden Valley Road, I'm Still Here


What are you writing/thinking about?

I'm writing bits and pieces of my book about motherhood and dance, chipping away at a book chapter about interdisciplinary arts practices, and working on grant proposals, mostly. Since the pandemic began, my time has been fractured into little shards as I renegotiate a new integration of my professional and personal parts. I've developed a new practice of writing little snippets in the Notes app on my phone whenever I can steal a moment to myself. This practice has helped me to continue developing my ideas and projects in this most challenging time.