Texas Tech University

Humanities Center Board

Members of the Humanities Center's Advisory Board typically serve a three-year term, during which time they are expected to attend Board meetings, to attend Center events, and to serve on at least two committees a year. A Board member may take (or may be asked to take) a leave of one or two semesters from the Board if s/he gets a fellowship or other faculty development leave during her three-year tenure. Board membership may be resumed after the period of the leave, but the term will not be extended. This is akin to the policy followed by the TTU Faculty Senate. Board members may apply for a single Scholarship Catalyst Program grant per three-year term of service but may not do so during the other two years. Submitting an SCP application disqualifies a board member from adjudicating any SCP or Alumni College applications. Board members are expected to recuse themselves from adjudicating any other applications for which they perceive a conflict of interest. Board members may not apply for Humanities Center-sponsored fellowships during their term of service. A faculty member may serve two successive terms on the Advisory Board.