Texas Tech University

Alquist Lab

Jessica Alquist, Ph.D.


Jessica received her PhD in Social Psychology from (the) Florida State University working with Roy Baumeister and Dianne Tice. She received her undergraduate education at Drew University in New Jersey.

Although she finds most social psychological research pretty irresistible, she focuses her research primarily on the limited resource model of self-control and the effects of beliefs about agency on behavior.

Graduate Students

Tammy Core, M.A.


B.A. University of North Carolina at Greensboro
M.A. Wake Forest University

My research interests are quite broad and include the effects of uncertainty on behavior, self-regulation, and prejudice. My main research projects include the effects of religious certainty on health behaviors, the effects of concealing an identity on self-regulation, and examining the Atheist stereotype of immorality and untrustworthiness.  

Alec Stinnett, M.A.

Alec Stinnett

B.A. Northern Illinois University
M.A. Western Illinois University

I am interested in individuals' beliefs in free will and how those free will beliefs influence cognition and behavior.  Particularly, my research focuses on the mechanism that underlies the relationship between free will beliefs and social outcomes. 

Hayden Holmes, M.A.


B.A. Stephen F. Austin State University 
M.A. Stephen F. Austin State University 

I am interested in a broad range of topics surrounding self-regulation and social perception. My research focuses on one's ability to control their actions throughout the day (i.e., profanity use, driving ability, and diet) and how one's failure to control their actions effects another's perception of that person.

Jordan Rodriguez, M.A.


B.A. University of Kansas

My research interests include aspects of self-control and agency beliefs, especially related to feelings of uncertainty. I am generally interested in how beliefs in personal control interact with the external environment to influence the way we think and act in the world. I focus on consumer behavior and insights, particularly related to brand perceptions and trust. I am also working on a research grant in the department of marketing at TTU, studying consumer decision-making in healthcare. 

Heidi Martin


B.A. University of New Hampshire

My research interests include free will beliefs, uncertainty, and self-control. Primarily, I am interested in studying the relationship between free will beliefs, behavior, and thought processes.

Tyler Owen, M.A. 


B.S. Indiana University Purdue University- Indianapolis
M.A. Claremont Graduate University

My research interests are broadly on developing and evaluating interventions to improve people's self-regulation as a way of improving their health and goal attainment. More specifically, I am interested in improving all forms of self-regulation (executive control, emotional control, self-control, and stress management) as a way of improving people's control over their lives.

Niloofar Najib Nia, M.A.


B.A Kharazmi University of Tehran

M.A Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


My research interests center around the field of health psychology. I am working on health communication and conveying health messages for promoting healthy behaviors within different groups of people. As well as this, I am interested in understanding the role that personality plays in the area of health behavior.


Lab Alumni

Ashalee Hurst, Ph.D.


B.A. University of Central Oklahoma
M.A. University of Central Oklahoma
Ph.D. Texas Tech University

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow, OK. My research primarily focuses on women's aggression against other women. Currently, I am testing how both social factors (e.g., family history, scarcity of resources) and biological factors (e.g., the ovulatory cycle) and relate to aggressive behavior. In another line of research, I am testing how a man's muscularity interacts with trait judgments (e.g., dominance) to influence women's ratings of his physical attractiveness.


Mindi Price, Ph.D.


B.A. College of Idaho
Ph.D. Texas Tech University

I am living and working in Idaho doing independent research and statistics consulting after graduating in December 2019. My dissertation was about self-control and affective forecasting, and I am currently conducting research about self-control.