Texas Tech University


Dr. Phil Marshall, Dr. Miranda Scolari, Dr. Michael Serra, and Dr. Roman Taraban will be considering applicants for Fall 2023.

Applications for admission are normally considered in the spring of each year for graduate study beginning the following fall semester. Successful applicants typically have an undergraduate degree in psychology or at least 18 semester hours in psychology courses. The undergraduate preparation should include courses in general psychology, statistics and methodology.

Admission is competitive and decisions are based on:

  • GPA
  • Letters of reference from three professors who are familiar with your academic work
  • Your self-statements
  • GRE scores are not required, but may be submitted

Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the program director, Jessica Alquist (jessica.alquist@ttu.edu) as they begin the application process. Prospective applicants should also review our faculty members to contact potential advisors directly.
For the specific instructions, see the application guide.

Financial Support

Financial support offered to Ph.D. students is competitive with that of other universities. Students are guaranteed ½-time assistantships and $1000 departmental scholarships during their first year. Contingent on satisfactory performance, students are guaranteed ¼-time assistantships during their second, third, and fourth years. In recent years, all second, third, and fourth year students who have requested ½-time funding have received it. Assistantships come in the form of teaching assistantships and research assistantships. Departmental and university scholarships are also available on a competitive basis. A ½-time assistantship remits non-resident tuition and also waives most fees during the semesters of employment.