Texas Tech University

Faculty and Labs

Dr. Tyler Davis

Caprock fMRI Lab

Research Interests: investigation of formation and representation of categories from a multi-disciplinary approach utilizing behavioral research methods, computational modelling, and fMRI.

Dr. Philip Marshall

Research Interests: human-animal interaction generally, with a special interest in how humans process information about companion animals. Historically, also a well-developed interest in the areas of human memory, motor skills, and aging.

Dr. Miranda Scolari

Selective Attention & Perception Lab

Research Interests: The functions and limitations of the human visual system, and how mechanisms of attention recruit regions of the brain that process visual input in order to facilitate behavioral goals.

Dr. Michael J. Serra

Learning & Metacognition Lab

Research Interests: Multimedia (e.g., visual and verbal materials, comic books, video games) and Multimedia Learning (e.g., learning from text with diagrams, causal learning diagrams), Metacognition (thinking about thinking), Reading Comprehension, Memory, Education (learning and studying).

Dr. Yi-Yuan Tang

Tang's Lab

Research Interests: understanding and optimizing brain functioning and behavior over the lifespan; developing and applying preventive interventions for behavioral problems and mental disorders such as learning difficulties, ADHD, mood disorders and addictions; neuroimaging (fMRI/PET/EEG/ TMS); physiological measures (heart rate variability, skin conductance, cortisol); genetic and epigenetic analysis.

Dr. Roman Taraban

Cognition Lab

Research Interests: text processing, text and discourse analysis, language learning, category induction, engineering problem solving, connectionist modeling.

Dr. Alice Young

Research Interests: psychopharmacology, discriminative and reinforcing effects of drugs and the roles of receptor-mediated processes in the development of drug tolerance and dependence.