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Predoctoral Internship

Students are required to complete a year-long predoctoral internship before earning their doctorate. Internships exist at a variety of APA-accredited sites including university counseling centers, medical centers, VA hospitals, correctional institutions, community mental health centers, and mental health consortia. Some of our students have participated in the APA-accredited predoctoral internship program located in the Texas Tech University Student Counseling Center. Most of our students participate in internships which are located outside of the Lubbock area in Texas and throughout the United States. Historically, our program has experienced remarkable success with students obtaining internships in the nationally competitive Match process. In addition, many of our internship applicants receive offers from their first-ranked internship sites. However, as the number of applicants continues to increase each year, this process will become more challenging. One way in which we support or students is that we have designated faculty who work closely with students to help them prepare for internship by offering advice on Vita preparation, interviewing, site selection, etc. For a review of our internship admissions results, see our Student Admission, Outcome and Other Data:

The Counseling Psychology Program has made the necessary changes to be in compliance with Texas Senate Bill 17 regarding diversity, equity and inclusion. More information can be found here.

Link to APA Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data

Public Disclosure: Professional Licensure by State

The Texas Tech University Counseling Psychology Program is required to publicly disclose to prospective and currently enrolled students whether our program meets the education requirements for licensure or certification for all 50 states, District of Columbia, and specified U.S. territories. Our program is responsible for determining whether our academic program meets applicable state education requirements for professional licensure or certification. See the TTU Counseling Psychology Program's Professional Licensure by State Table.

Program Acceptance for Licensure by State

APA Accredited, Next Review: 2033

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