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Language Style Matching

A measure of how similar two texts are in terms of their function word usage.

Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC)

A text analysis program. For more information, visit liwc.net.

adicat's highlighter does the same type of text processing in a browser. With it, you can load in dictionaries, then process text files or categorize words as you type.


A programming language used mostly for statistical analysis. For more information, visit r-project.org.

  • Lusi Lab Library documentation (code)
    Includes functions for power analysis, permuting or bootstrapping mediations, automated factor analysis, and pulling text from reddit, imsdb, and rottentomatoes, plus some other things to play with.
  • splot is a package to visualize data.
  • lingmatch is a package to calculate forms of linguistic similarity, which can also be used to process texts into document-term matrices and different types of dictionary category scores.
  • RStudio adds a nice interface and some quality of life features (plus some fun cheatsheets).

Useful Language Sites