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Graduate Research

Members of the SHARC lab.Members of the SHARC lab.Members of the SHARC lab.

Current Projects

  • The relationship between polyamory and identity
  • Exploring language use and personality differences among "vanilla" sex and BDSM practitioners
  • Comic book intervention to help increase retention rates of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.
  • Social comparisons, prejudicial attitudes, and perceived safety in public places among men, women, and LGB+ individuals.
  • The relationship between experienced microaggressions, perceived classroom comfort, and college retention among LGB+ students.
  • The relationship between internalized homophobia, "outness", sexual self-concept ambiguity, loneliness, and suicidal ideation.
  • Concealable stigmatized identities and the impact of motivation and disposition on the disclosure process
  • Alcohol use disorders among sexual and gender minority (SGM) populations and other unheard voices

Study Recruitment

Polyamory and Identity

The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between polyamory and identity. Participants will be asked to read a short passage and respond to items about their opinions and identity. This study will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. Participants will be entered into a drawing for one of fifteen $30 Amazon gift cards. Eligibility: Self-identify as polyamorous, 18 years or older, currently living in the United States, can read English fluently. Participate online at ttupsych.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_b1NmesLbLmvSmjz.

Empowering the STEM Super Girls

Data collection underway for a study examining whether a comic book intervention helps increase retention rates of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

Flyer requesting women in STEM as study participants.

Relevant Publications

  • Crane, P.R.*, Swaringen, K.S.*, Foster, A.M.*, & Talley, A.E. (accepted for publication). Alcohol use disorders among SGM populations. In E.D. Rothblum (Ed.), Oxford handbook of sexual and gender minority mental health. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
  • Foster, A.M.*, Rivas-Koehl, M., Le, T.H.*, Crane, P.R.*, Weiser, D.A., & Talley, A.E. (under review). Exploring sexual minority adults' pathway to suicidal ideation: A moderated serial mediation model. LGBT Health.
  • Le, T.H.*, Foster, A.M.*, Crane, P.R.*, & Talley, A.E. (in press). Alcohol use and misuse: Perspectives from seldom heard voices. In D. Frings & I.P. Albery (Eds.), The handbook of alcohol use and abuse.
  • Le, T.H.*, Rivas-Koehl, M., Foster, A.M.*, Crane, P.R.*, Weiser, D., Talley, A. (under review). Feeling protected by prejudice: Ambivalent sexism predicts attitudes towards sexual minorities and perceptions of personal safety. Social Psychological and Personality Science.
  • Hancock, D. W.*, & Talley, A. E. (2018). The SIC Scale of Ageism: Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Measurement Invariance, and Revisions. Journal of Aging and Social Policy.
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Relevant Presentations

  • Crane, P.* (2019). Empowering the STEM super girls: Increasing female retention in STEM fields through a comic book intervention. Presented at the 35th Annual Conference on the Advancement of Women, Lubbock, TX.
  • Crane, P.* (2019). Bondage, impact, power... and word play?: Language use in online BDSM communities. Presented at the Big XII LGBTQIA & Allies Summit, Lubbock, TX.
  • Crane, P.* & Swaringen, K.* (2019). Come out, get out: Relations among LGBTQ+ identification, microaggressions, and persistence in higher education. Data blitz presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Convention Sexuality Preconference, Portland, OR.
  • Foster, A.M.*, & Talley A.E. (2019). Egosystem and ecosystem motivation: Implications for concealable stigma disclosure. Presented at the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Conference, San Diego, CA.
  • Foster, A.M.*, & Talley, A.E. (2018). The secrets we tell: How motivation affects disclosure outcomes. Presented at the 19thAnnual Society for Personality and Social Psychology Convention, Atlanta, GA.
  • Foster, A.M.*, Rivas-Koehl, M., Weiser, D.A., & Talley, A.E. (2019). Sexual self-concept ambiguity, internalized homonegativity, and self-esteem among young adults. Presented at 20thAnnual Society for Personality and Social Psychology Convention, Portland, OR.
  • Koehl, M., Le, T.H.*, Talley, A.E., & Weiser, D. (2019). I kissed a girl and my campus didn't like it: Safety and well-being among persons with diverse sexual and gender identities. Presented at the regional meeting of Texas Women in Higher Education, Lubbock, TX.
  • Le, T.H.*, Jasper-Morris, A., & Talley, A.E. (2019). Desirable responding and history of relational aggression on intentions to intervene in intimate partner violence. Poster presentation at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, Washington, D.C.
  • Le, T.H.*, Koehl, M., Weiser, D., & Talley, A.E. (2019). Concealable wounds: The influence of sexual self-concept ambiguity and stigma on mental health and well-being. Poster presentation at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Portland, OR.
  • Swaringen, K.S.*, & Pittman, J. (2019). Affirming all identities: LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the classroom. Workshop presentation at Big 12 LGBTQIA & Allies Summit, Lubbock, TX.
  • Swaringen, K.S.*, & Talley, A.E. (2019). A quantitative examination of attitudes toward monogamous and alternative relationship strategies. Data blitz at Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Sexuality pre-conference, Portland, OR.

*Graduate student from the SHARC Lab