Texas Tech University


Graduate Students conduct research under the supervision of faculty advisors and are trained to achieve increasing independence as they progress through the program. Working relationships between students and faculty are close and congenial. Social Psychology Brown Bag sessions are scheduled twice each month for students and faculty in the social psychology program as well as social psychologists from elsewhere on campus, and anyone else who care to attend. These informal sessions include research presentations by students and faculty as well as by other individuals on campus and occasional outside visitors. Brown Bag sessions also serve as a forum for open discussion of current literature, program-related issues, and topics related to professional development.

Dr. Jessica Alquist

Alquist Lab

Research Interests: self-control and its affects on physical health, agency, uncertainty, emotion, and how belief in free will can affect behavior.

Dr. Lindsay Rice Greenlee

Research Interests: the processing of gender role stereotype information and its effect on our perception of others, as well as methods of social influence used online.

Dr. Zachary P. Hohman

Social Identity Theory and Health (SITH) Lab

Research Interests: group processing, intergroup relations, self-concept, and persuasion, and their impact on health behaviors.

Dr. Molly Ireland

Language Use and Social Interaction (LUSI) Lab

Research Interests: how natural language use in conversations, personal writing, and literature influences and reflects social processes and health behavior; links between personality and natural language.

Dr. Amelia Talley

Stigma, Health, and Applied Research Center (SHARC)

Research Interests: intra and interpersonal functioning during times of stress, sexual identity, and psychosocial adjustment and physical health in the face of stigma and threats to self-concept.