Texas Tech University

Employee's Dependent Scholarship

This scholarship is available to dependents of current, full-benefits-eligible TTU/TTUHSC faculty or staff employees, or retirees that met those requirements at the time of retirement.

Recipients must be dependents of an employee, eligible for regular admission to TTU or TTUHSC and be a full-time student (12 hours Fall/Spring) at the time of scholarship disbursement. Recipients must maintain good academic standing as defined by the university the student is attending. The scholarship must be used for attendance at TTU or TTUHSC.

Award amounts are determined annually, based on the estimated number of recipients and the interest earnings by the fund.

Application due dates by term are:

  • Fall – September 1
  • Spring – February 1


Qualified students may apply online using eRaider ID and password at:http://apps.scholarships.ttu.edu/EMPD/EmployeeDeptApplication.aspx

Application Tips:

    • The student must log into the application using their eraider. (Parents cannot complete the application under their ID –this will cause an error and the student will not have their eligibility pulled for review.)
    • The employee needs to provide their R# to their student dependent so that the student can enter it onto the app.
    • Students must apply every academic year to be reviewed for eligibility and awarded.
    • Eligibility will be determined after the 12th class day of the semester: awards will not be made before that time.
    • Students who apply after the deadline will have their eligibility reviewed for the following semesters within the academic year.