Texas Tech University

External Scholarships FAQ

Scholarships do not have to come solely from TTU, they can also come from outside resources such as churches, civic organizations, local schools, etc. We recommend that these are sent to our office so we can apply them directly to your student account.

How do I report my external scholarships?

trophyIf you are receiving external scholarships, the first step is to fill out the Estimated External Scholarship Notification Form. This will allow the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to better calculate your financial aid eligibility. Additionally, it will allow students to see external scholarships on Raiderlink. See how.

How do I view my external scholarships?

Reporting your external awards through our Notification Form will allow you to use Raiderlink to check for when your scholarship checks are received by our office. From the MyTech tab on Raiderlink, click on Student Financial Aid and select View/Accept Aid Package. Select the Award Year and submit. More Info

Will an external scholarship impact my other financial aid eligibility?

Yes, external scholarships will count towards your total financial aid eligibility.

Where do I send my external scholarship checks?

They can be mailed to the Texas Tech Scholarship Office. If your donor needs a form for mailing, please use our Scholarship Donor Award Form. External scholarship checks can also be hand delivered to our office at 205 West Hall.

What information should be included on external scholarship checks sent to TTU?

Student's name, R#, and the term for which the scholarship is intended (fall, spring, or split f/s). Checks should be made payable to Texas Tech University.

How often are external scholarship checks processed?

Unless we are awaiting a student signature or the student is not enrolled at Texas Tech, we process every check we receive on the day it is received.

What if I have multiple external scholarships of the same amount and cannot tell what TTU has received?

Please call or email the TTU Scholarship Office. We have a record of what has been received and will provide all requested information.

What if my external scholarships are not on my Financial Aid Notification or billing statement?

Contact the Scholarship Office to see if funds have been received. If they have not, please contact the donor providing the scholarship. Ask if they have mailed the scholarship check, verify that it was sent to the correct address, and ask them to see if the check has cleared their bank.