Texas Tech University

Freshman Presidential Scholarship Probation and Appeals


Probation and Cancellation for Continuing Students


Grades and hours checks for Presidential Scholars are completed at the conclusion of each semester. If a student fails to meet one of the requirements (GPA or hours), then they will be notified of either probation or cancellation via their ttu.edu email account.

While on probation, a student must:

  • Enroll in and complete no less than 15 TTU hours within the probationary semester (no borrowing of previously earned hours)
  • Earn the GPA required by their level of scholarship in those hours

If a student successfully meets those requirements in the probationary semester and by doing so is cumulatively meeting their scholarship requirements, they will be released from probation the following semester.

If a student successfully meets those requirements within the probationary semester but is cumulatively not meeting the requirements of their scholarship, then they will be placed on continued probation. The conditions of continued probation are the same as probation.

If a student fails to meet either of the probationary requirements during a probationary semester, their remaining semesters of scholarship will be cancelled.


The remainder of a student's scholarship will be cancelled if any one of the following occur:

  • A student's GPA falls below a 2.0 for a semester
  • A student breaks enrollment
  • A student fails to meet the requirements of their scholarship probation
  • A student fails to submit their donor thank you letter prior to the 20th class day of the semester.

*Study Abroad students –if you complete a student abroad program within a fall or spring semester, your grades and hours will not be available during grades and hours checks, resulting in scholarship cancellation. Once your grades and hours from abroad are posted, please email scholarships@ttu.edu (include our name and R#, please) to let us know your information is now posted. We will manually check your grades and hours and reinstate your scholarship if you are meeting requirements.

Appeals for Continuing Students

If a Presidential Scholar had extenuating circumstances affect their ability to successfully meet their scholarship requirements in a semester and that results in scholarship cancellation, the student may file an appeal within 30 days of cancellation by emailing the appeal and any supporting documentation to scholarships@ttu.edu.

In your appeal, please include:

  • Name
  • R#
  • Explanation of extenuating circumstance and how it affected your ability to meet your requirements for the semester.
  • Attach any accompanying documentation

The Appeals Committee will consider possible your appeal and you will be notified of the outcome via email from the Scholarship Office. If the committee approves your appeal, students are asked to meet with a member of the Scholarship Office in person to go over and sign a contract prior to scholarship reinstatement.


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