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ASL Sign for "Interpret"This interpreter request form is for students who are currently registered with Student Disability Services (SDS) and is intended for academic purposes on the main Texas Tech University campus only. If you are not a registered student of SDS, please contact the department or organization hosting the event in order to secure interpreters.

Interpreter requests for events lasting less than 3 hours require at least 72 hours advance notice. Requests submitted with less than 72 hours' notice cannot be guaranteed. Interpreter requests for events lasting longer than 3 hours (e.g. conferences, training, etc.) require at least 3 weeks advance notice in order for our office to determine the appropriate accommodations. Events outside of Lubbock will be considered on a case-by-case basis contingent on availability of interpreter services in the area.

*Note: In the event that interpreters are not available, other appropriate services will be considered (e.g.RCART, UbiDuo, FM System, or other supportive technology).

For any other questions or comments about requesting interpreters, please
email Shelly Tyler, the Interpreter Coordinator or by phone at (806) 742-2405.

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