Texas Tech University

Reduced Course Load

A student with a documented disability can be considered for a reduced course load in order to take 9 hours and still be considered a full time student. The student must make a formal request through the Student Disability Services office and provide comprehensive and supportive documentation. The documentation must contain a full explanation for the need to take a reduced course load, as well as containing a specific diagnosis of the condition.

A reduced course will allow a student to take a minimum of 9 hours during a regular semester and still be considered a full time student. However, it is important to remember that taking less than 12 hours will make the student ineligible for federal financial assistance REGARDLESS of the disability status. Also, the reduced course load will not allow the student to be exempt from a program or honor that requires a minimum of 12 hours of enrollment to be eligible. This would include, but not be limited to, scholarship requirements, Dean's List requirements, and specialize departmental program requirements.

Course Load Reduction for Full-time Status Designation

Excerpt from Section 6 of the TTU OP 34.22:

  1. The student must first register with Student Disability Services and be eligible for services based on the documentation submitted.
  2. The student must provide documentation for the disability from a licensed professional, and the assessment report must indicate a recommendation of a reduced course load. This document will authorize the course load reduction. If the report does not contain a specific recommendation for the reduced course load, then a letter of support from the licensed professional who conducted the assessment must be submitted that specifically recommends a reduced course load.
  3. The Office of Student Disability Services will then write a letter of recommendation for the student to the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled or her/his designee and provide a copy to the Office of the Registrar and Student Financial Aid.

Student Disability Services