Texas Tech University

Temporary Accommodations

The Student Disability Services (SDS) Office offers a wide variety of services to students with temporary documented disabilities. Services are extended to students with temporary disabilities only for the duration of the functional limitations associated with their disability. In consultation with an SDS counselor, students granted temporary status will be provided appropriate academic accommodations, depending on limitations due to the temporary disability. Students will be responsible for requesting the letters of accommodation outlining the approved accommodations, as well as speaking to their instructors to set up the needed accommodations.

The eligibility process is the same for a temporary disability as for permanent disability cases. A student must apply for services online and provide the necessary documentation to support their temporary disability. After reviewing the student's application and documentation, an SDS counselor will meet with the student to determine appropriate academic services and accommodations dependent on temporary limitations the student has in the academic setting.

Although temporary disability cases are generally short-term mobility issues, Student Disability Services will also grant temporary accommodations to a student if the student has no documentation, or is working to obtain updated or relevant documentation. In this instance, a student will be granted accommodations only for the semester in which the testing is being completed and updated documentation must be submitted by the end of the semester for accommodations to become permanent.

Students provided temporary status will have their file/case reviewed at the end of each semester. The individual SDS counselor assigned to the student will conduct an initial evaluation by contacting the student to confirm temporary status, substantiate further need of services, or to seek appropriate documentation. Once the initial review is complete, the SDS staff will meet to assess any further issues with temporary student files.

Student Disability Services