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Why Study Women's & Gender Studies?

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Why should I study WGS?

This question seems to be the most popular question that academic programs and departments that focus on the humanities in education are asked. Here are a few points to help answer this question:

  • Flexibility – fits well with another major or strong minor and possible to complete the credits for the WGS minor.
  • Offers a variety and diverse perspectives on broad array of topics. (See Cross-Listed Courses)
  • Lots of choice in course work – you can design your Undergraduate Minor or Graduate Minor or Certificate to fit your interests and needs using cross-listed courses and electives
  • WGS courses offer insight into topics and issues meaningful to students.
  • WGS faculty are from a variety of disciplines
  • Other campus faculty are affiliated with WGS

Women's & Gender Studies Classes

The Women's and Gender Studies program at Texas Tech University is an interdisciplinary academic program supporting transformational undergraduate- and graduate-level scholarship and teaching.  WGS fosters creative, collaborative, and sustaining social justice approaches and feminist scholarship that advance understanding, equity, and compassion. 

Future Career

The program emphasizes critical thinking across disciplines, which is vital to success in any career you choose.  You will learn how to critically evaluate practices, beliefs and standards that shape the opportunities that people face in their daily lives.  You can use these skills in a variety of careers in order to be a more successful leader in any organization, a better colleague who will know how to be effective in diverse work settings and someone whose insights into differences will benefit you when working with clients or other key players in your career.    

Personal Life

Many WGS students report that their courses have had a profound impact on their lives by providing them with a means of understanding their experiences in society.  WGS not only focus on experiences such as domestic violence, discrimination in the workplace, and differences in the division of labor at home, but gives a foundation for understanding the root cause of these experiences, which is the first step to making for a better life for all people.

Building Communities

WGS students often use their skills to benefit their local communities, homes and societies. Insights from the knowledge gained is often used by students who volunteer in their communities.  Many WGS students make a commitment to making the lives of all people better, such as counseling victims of domestic violence, working on rape crisis hotlines, and other social service projects.

What Can I Do with this Minor?

This is not an uncommon question for all students when they begin to choose their major/minor for their degree. Although, for students that choose to minor in Women's & Gender Studiess the question seems to be more persistently asked. It is difficult to get a picture of WGS as a field due to the number of graduates out in the workforce and the kinds of career paths being chosen. WGS prepares graduates to work in various careers that may or may not be specific to a particular expectation such as other fields of study that may train for a specific career path.

WGS offers a student a unique set of skills such as empowerment, self-confidence, critical thinking, building community, and understanding differences and intersections among different types of oppression.






There are *652 women's and gender studies programs at community colleges, colleges, and universities in the U.S.

* Source: NWSA

What can I do with this Minor?

career guide

You should see the advisor at least once a year - a short meeting with him/her may save you time and money.


  • All students are required to meet with Women's & Gender Studies Academic Advisor(s), each semester prior to advance registration to review their degree progress, discuss schedule planning, and address any questions or concerns the student may have in their educational experience.

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