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In order for a student to receive a scholarship from Women's & Gender Studies, the student is required to complete a scholarship application via the PDF file listed for each individual scholarship below (see "Forms").

Each scholarship has a check list of minimum qualifications that students should follow when completing the application. Each scholarship will list the specific GPA requirement, written essay structure, two letters of recommendation and a brief written summary of extracurricular activities such as honors, achievements, memberships, scholastic awards and professional accomplishments. These written materials are to accompany the application form.

How to apply

Each application form (see below or click on Forms) should be completed with additional qualifications. (Note: Each form lists 4 specific qualifications to be met before the application can be reviewed)

IN ADDITION TO YOUR APPLICATION, you must have on file at TTU:

  • Official Transcript(s)
  • Scores on the A.C.T. or S.A.T (prospective freshmen). Other applicants should furnish cumulative GPA.


Scholarship Selection Timeline

Feb 1 - Applications and support materials due by 5 PM in DRANE Hall RM 258

(Note: if the 1st of the month falls on a weekend, the application is due the first business day following the deadline)

March 10

Winners will be notified by email.


Winners recognized at our Conference & Scholarship Awards Presentation. Register today as our guest!

Type of Scholarships


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Click on the following to download and print the PDF file of each application form for each scholarship.

Check List

Evaluation is based on the following:

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation and articulation of written materials
  • GPA Requirements (see each scholarship for details)
  • Completion of a brief essay (not more than 500 words) explaining the applicants interest and involvement in matter's particularly relevant to women's lives
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • A brief summary of extracurricular activities such as honors, achievements, scholastic awards, and professional accomplishments
  • The rubric contains the following categories and point values - Essay (15), Academic Accomplishments (10), Letters of recommendation (5), Activities (10), Need (5)

Note: It is the responsibility of each applicant to gather and coordinate delivery of the information, listed above, as required for each scholarship.

Selection of Recipients

Once the Scholarship Application Form is completed by the required deadline, the recipients are selected by the Women's & Gender Studies scholarship committee. While evaluation is based on the criteria set for the specific award, most awards subsume: scholarship, excellence, achievement in academic and non-academic areas, leadership, character, seriousness of purpose and/or need. Failure to provide promptly all information requested could result in disqualification of the application. Notification of awards will be mailed to the address on file.

Delivery & Mail

The Women's & Gender Studies
Attn: Scholarship Committee
258 Drane Hall
123 2515 15th
Lubbock, TX. 79409


TTU Resources

Application Forms


Delivery & Mail

  • The Women's & Gender Studies
    Attn: Scholarship Committee
    Box 4-2009
    DRANE Hall RM 258
    Lubbock, TX. 79409-2009

Past Awards

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